Vandalism to Pro-Life Message on Lethbridge Transit Bench

Vandalized bus bench along McMaster Boulevard West

The City of Lethbridge receiving a few complaints about Pro-Life ads on some transit buses and on benches around the community.

The City of Lethbridge has received a few complaints about some Pro-Life advertisements currently on some transit buses and at a few bus shelters. The ads don't depict any graphic images, however one bus bench on the west side, which reads "Preborn Babies Feel Pain. Say No to Abortion" was recently vandalized with blue paint. Lethbridge Pro Life first approached the City's advertising contractor in October 2016, looking to place ads on transit buses and since then, the group has made several modifications to its proposed ad, and then entered into an 8 week advertising agreement which began in late February and runs until April 22. The City of Lethbridge telling our radio it recognizes there is a range of values and views in the community about pro-life messaging and if residents feel the current ads don't meet advertising standards, you can contact Advertising Standards Canada and email any comments or concerns to Lethbridge Transit at: - Pat Siedlecki

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