Wind Energy in Canada Now Powering Around 3.3 Million Homes

Wind energy, a major economic driver in southern Alberta, is on track to continue adding new capacity this year.

Wind energy in Canada is on track to add around one thousand megawatts (MW) of new capacity this year.

Robert Hornung, President of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, says each year the industry is providing more and more clean and low-cost electricity across the country.

Alberta and Saskatchewan both contracted significant new wind energy in 2018. The total installed wind energy capacity in Canada right now meets the needs of roughly 3.3 million homes.

With a 10 year average annual growth rate of 20%, wind energy has been the largest source of new electricity capacity for over a decade. 

In its most recent business-as-usual energy supply and demand projection, the National Energy Board indicates wind energy is forecast to add approximately 510 MW of capacity annually going forward, accounting for 27% of the new electricity generation Canada will need between 2017 and 2040.

Southern Alberta is one of the highest wind energy producing regions in all of Canada.

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