Wickersham and Ryan Seek Re-Election

Long time Aldermen Tom Wickersham and Ryan Parker both announce intentions to run again for aldermanic seats on City Council.

Tom Wickersham hopes experience will carry him through to a 4th term as Alderman on Lethbridge City Council.  As a Firefighter, Fire Chief, and now nine years experience as Alderman, Wickersham says he’s excited about the City and we should be well rounded.  He says we need to concentrate on the young fmailies and seniors in our City.  Wickersham says skateboard and bike parks are good for the youths, but so too are businesses that give jobs to young families meaning they can stay in the community.  Wickersham announced his intentions Friday morning to run again for a seat on City Council.

In a separate announcement, Ryan Parker also announced his intention to seek his fifth term as city alderman. He was 23 years old when he first ran and was elected in the 1998 civic election.  Parker says his political priorities have changed slightly over the past 12 years, now that he has a family. He says continued growth on the west-side and in other parts of the community is high on his priority list.  Parker says it was a tough decision to run again, adding that after four-terms as alderman he felt pressure to run for the mayor’s chair.

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