White Christmases Becoming More Rare in Lethbridge Area, Guaranteed Though This Year

The corner of 3rd Avenue & 3rd Street South in Lethbridge following this week's shot of snow

The chance of Lethbridge seeing a white Christmas didn't look all that good a week ago, however that's all changed now.

Lethbridge and southern Alberta pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas this year. A week ago that didn't look like a possibility with what was extremely warm December temperatures and not a skiff of snow. That all changed this week with close to 20 cm in Lethbridge and in some cases triple that amount in the foothills and mountains to the west. Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips says Lethbridge hasn't seen many white Christmases in the last number of years, with only three in the last 6 or 7 years. Phillips says Lethbridge could also see a perfect Christmas this year, which the weather office classifies as both having at least 2 cm of snow on the ground and snow falling on Christmas morning with flurries in forecast for December 25th. - Pat Siedlecki 

David Phillips:

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