U of L Rec Facilities Get Lots of Use by City Residents

Max Bell Pool

A lot of Lethbridge resident use the recreating facilities at the U of L.

A lot of Lethbridge residents use the recreation facilities at the U of L. Deb Marek, the Facilities and Services Manager at the University made a presentation to City Council Monday afternoon. She says the use of U of L Rec facilities by City residents is high.  She says in the last year, the Max Bell Aquatic Centre was visited 78,000, the First Choice Savings Centre had close to 150,000 community pass holder visits, and the new Sports Stadium had over 200 football bookings. All three facilities are run by the University.  The City though continues to contribute $30,000 a year to the new stadium.  Lethbridge Manager for Recreation and Culture, Ashley Mathews says the partnerships the City has with a number of institutions in the City like the University, allow them to provide high quality recreation opportunities to Lethbridge residents.

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