Time to Renew Your Lethbridge Dog License

Thanks to a dog tag, last year 309 pets were reunited with their owners

Lethbridge Animal services is reminding dog owners that the dog license renewals for 2019 are due at the end of January.

Lethbridge Peace Officer, Skylar Plourde, says licensing your canine friend has many benefits, the least of which, reuniting owner and family member.

Plourde adds that in 2018 the Lethbridge animal shelter handled 827 pets, of which 402 were adopted and 319 were reunited with the owner.

Plourde says the number of dogs being reported in Lethbridge has been going up since 2010 and believes it's due to mix of education and enforcement of dog registrations.

The dog population is currently running at roughly 10 per cent of the human numbers with close 9 thousand calling Lethbridge home.

Starting February 1st, Bylaw officers will be calling on those who haven't renewed their pooch's tag, which could result in a $150 fine.

Skylar Plourde

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