Teen Accused of Tackling Lethbridge Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty, Sets Trial

An 18-year old from Brooks accused of tackling a Lethbridge police officer has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges.

LPS say they responded to reports of a fight outside an out-of-control party along 21 Street South in October. As an officer was placing one person under arrest, a male allegedly tackled him from behind, and tried to remove the taser from his holster.
Peyton Many Shots was later charged with obstructing, assaulting, and attempting to disarm a peace officer.
His one day trial in Lethbridge Provincial Court is set for April 30. Many Shots is currently out on bail.
Sergeant Cam Van Roon previously stated that a video doesn't show what lead up to the incident. "We're not able to see actually what happened when he (the officer) got out of his car or what was being said and when he advised somebody they were under arrest, how that was being handled or whether these people were complying and how this thing continued to spin. All that we see is an officer taking an overt action and then getting tackled."
Investigation determined that the La Cite des Prairies event hall had been rented for a Halloween party, that between 100 and 150 youths ranging in age from 15 to 21 attended. Damage to the building was estimated at around $4,000.

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