Sentencing For Lethbridge Duo Caught Selling Stolen Property Online

Megan Laube & Daniel Chrysler, both of Lethbridge, were sentenced in provincial court this week for selling stolen property from the Taber area online.

Two of three people caught selling stolen property online last fall have been handed their sentences.

Back in September, a business in the MD of Taber was broken into and several items were taken. They were then listed for sale online in Lethbridge a few days later.

A search warrant of a home in the city led to the arrests of 28 year old Megan Laube, 21 year old Dakota Parker and 38 year old Daniel Chrysler.

Laube pleaded guilty to seven counts and was placed on probation for the next year. Chrysler also pleaded guilty to two offences and will serve 90 days in jail.

All charges against Parker were withdrawn by the Crown.

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