Rural Community Policing Changes for 2019

Coalhurst and Barons will no longer be patrolled by Coaldale's Community Peace Officers.

With a new year comes changes to the way municipalities north and west of Lethbridge are dealing with local bylaw infractions.

For the past two years, Coaldale's Community Peace Officers have been patrolling Coalhurst and Barons enforcing all municipal bylaws as well as Provincial Traffic Offences under the Traffic Safety Act.

Coaldale Deputy Fire Chief of Public Safety, Clayton Rutberg, says it was labour intensive servicing those two communities plus they are down one position to begin 2019. Rutberg adds the Community Peace Officers are now looking at honing the service they provide to Coaldale and Picture Butte residents.

Meanwhile, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Coalhurst, Kim Hauta, says they are in the process of looking for a community peace officer, but in the interim, he along with the Director of Operations will be handling any bylaw infractions in that town.

Coaldale Deputy Fire Chief of Public Safety, Clayton Rutberg

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