Redcliff RCMP Report Tampering with Detachment Complaint Line

Mounties say a number of residents reported receiving a prank call from the number Monday night.

An odd situation in Redcliff as residents are reportedly receiving prank phone calls from the RCMP detachment's complaint line.
Mounties say the Southern Alberta Operational Communication Centre became inundated with calls Monday night from people reporting they had missed a call from the RCMP. Those who answered the call say no one was on the other end and the line disconnected.
Redcliff RCMP are investigating and have notified their provider.
In the meantime, if you receive a call from the complaint line and no one identifies themselves as an RCMP employee, you should report the occurrence to 611 so Telus can track where the call is coming from.
Anyone needing police assistance should continue to dial 911.

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