Raymond Man Found Guilty in Historic Sex Crimes Youth Case

A Raymond man has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault and one count of indecent assault, in relation to a case from the 1980s.

One additional charge each of sexual assault and indecent assault were dismissed, with the trial judge stating that the Crown had not proven the allegations within those charges beyond a reasonable doubt. 

The 50-year old cannot be named since the offences occurred when he was a teen, and also to protect the names of the victims.

The man testified during his youth trial that he did, in fact, touch three of the victims inappropriately. However, he denied that an assault against a fourth victim took place. At the end of that trial, the defence then invited guilty convictions to four of the six charges the man had faced.

While handing down his guilty verdicts on Monday (Mar. 4), the judge also determined the appropriate sentencing regimes. The man will be sentenced under the former Juvenile Delinquents Act, which was repealed in 1984, for one count each of sexual assault and indecent assault. He will then be sentenced under the current Youth Criminal Justice Act for the two remaining counts of sexual assault.

The Crown has suggested a sentence between six to 12 months of custody and one year of probation to follow, in regard the charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. However, they requested to have until March 19 to offer their sentencing arguments in regard to the charges under the Juvenile Delinquents Act.

While not specifying for which charges, the defence is asking for a suspended sentence for the man, with a "moderate" probation term.

The case will be back in Lethbridge Provincial Court on April 24 to set a sentencing date.

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