Police Arrest Three People For Allegedly Dealing Fentanyl & Meth on Blood Reserve

Blood Tribe Police have arrested three people, all from the Blood Reserve, accused of trafficking meth and fentanyl.

Blood Tribe Police have charged three people after a drug bust this week. Police say on Monday (Nov. 6) officers conducted an investigation concerning the sale of fentanyl and methamphetamine on the Blood Reserve. Officers conducted a traffic stop and seized 41 fentanyl pills, two grams of fentanyl powder, a small quantity of methamphetamine, a loaded syringe with suspected meth as well as four cell phones and some cash. 34 year old Kasey Day Chief, 27 year old Charnelle Day Chief, and 26 year old Tamara Crow Chief, all from the Blood Reserve are facing a number of drug trafficking-related charges. Blood Tribe Police say all the drugs seized have a street value at close to $4500. - Pat Siedlecki

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