Pioneer Hi-Bred Named Title Sponsor For 2019 World Men's Curling in Lethbridge

Al Cameron from Curling Canada speaking Thursday at the ENMAX Centre

Al Cameron with Curling Canada says tickets sales for the event have been strong, however local organizers are still in need of more volunteers.

Curling Canada announcing Thursday (Nov. 8) that Pinoeer Hi-Bred will be the title sponsor for the World Men's Curling Championship taking place in Lethbridge.

The event is set for March 30th to April 7th, 2019 at the ENMAX Centre.

Al Cameron with Curling Canada says the field for the tournament is starting to take shape. He says there will be 13 countries participating and we'll know two of those countries after the Pacific-Asia championships this week.

Cameron notes ticket sales for the event are strong, however Lethbridge organizers are still in need of about 200 more volunteers. If you're interested, you can more information on the Curling Canada website.

As for the title sponsor, Cameron says Pioneer Hi-Bred is a really good fit for for curling with the roots of the sport in agricultural parts of Canada here on the prairies. 

Al Cameron: 

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