Nomination Deadline Passes for Civic Election

30 people are running for a spot on city council, and six are in the running for Mayor.

The nominations are in!  All candidates running for mayor, city council, or a school board trustee had to have their papers filed by noon Monday. There are 30 aldermanic candidates in the running, almost double the last election, but not enough to beat the 2001 record of 35.  Six people are running for Mayor, though Pat Berthelot is out of the race and long-time Holy Spirt School Board member Chris Spearman, is in. There will be no Lethbridge Public School Division trustee race as all seven candidates are on the board by acclamation. There will, however, be an election for the Holy Spirt School Boards in Lethbridge and Taber, while the rest of the rural boards in the division are in by acclamation. 

Candidates for Lethbridge Mayor:
Kay Adeniyi
Dennis Carrier
Rajko Dodic
James Frey
Cheryl Meheden
Chris Spearman

Candidates for Lethbridge City Council (8 positions):
Robert Babki
Bal Boora
Kris Bouchard
Jeff Carlson
Jeff Coffman
Bob Cooney
Lee Cutforth
Fiona Doherty
Faron Ellis
Melvin Fletcher
Hazel Hart
Geri Hecker
Rodney Hoeg
Blaine Hyggen
Liz Iwaskiw
Robert Janzen
Kris Jones
Bev Lanz
Kevin Layton
Joe Mauro
Bridget Mearns
Ryan Parker
Margaret Simmons
Lea Switzer
Rory Tarant
Ken Tratch
Joyce Van Der Lee
Shaun Ward
Gary Weikum
Tom Wickersham

Lethbridge School District 51
Public School Trustee (7 positions):
Gary Bartlett
Brooke Culley
Michell Forster
Jan Foster
Keith Fowler
Lola Major
Dennis Wickham

Holy Spirit Regional Division:
Ward 1 (one position)
- Nadine King - acclamation
Ward 2 (five positions)
- Bosco Baptista
- Sandra Dufresne
- Clinton Germsheid
- Bryan Kranzler
- Danny Ponjavic
- Bob Spitzig
Ward 3  (one position)
- Terry O'Donnell - acclamation
Ward 4 (one position)
- David Decock - acclamation
Ward 5 (one position)
- Connie Gross
- Fred Williams

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