Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Designated Provincial Historic Resource

Nikka Yuko photo credit to Jeff Hinmen

The Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is now Lethbridge's 15th Provincial Historical Resource

Officials for Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden announcing the popular local tourist destination has been designated a Provincial Historical Resource. The distinction was confirmed in October and recognizes the garden's significance to Alberta's natural and human history. James Phelan with Nikka Yuko notes that after World War Two, southern Alberta had the third largest population of Japanese emigrants -- also known as Nekkei -- and is thrilled to carry on that legacy. He says this is an incredible story and Nikka Yuko is happy to share this living monument and friendship in Lethbridge with the Nekkei people and nation of Japan. Nikka Yuko is now one of 15 Provincial Historical Resources in Lethbridge. Phelan says this is one of the leading Japanese gardens in all of Canada and this designation will most certainly put Lethbridge on the map. - Sam Borsato

James Phelan:

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