Massive Voter Turnout For Advanced Polls in Alberta Election

Nearly 700,000 Alberta residents cast ballots over five days of advanced voting last week.

Some pretty staggering numbers when it comes to the amount of people who cast early ballots for this week's provincial elections.

According to Elections Alberta, 696,000 people cast ballot over five days last week. That's almost three times the number of advanced votes cast back in 2015 (235,000 people).

New this year was the vote anywhere ballots. Elections Alberta says 2,040 votes were cast for Lethbridge-East outside of that riding and 1,751 were cast for Lethbridge-West from somewhere other than that constituency.

Ballots cast by electors at locations outside their electoral divisions will be counted in the days following Election Day. Approximately 223,000 ballots were cast by electors outside of their electoral divisions.

Election Day is Tuesday (Apr. 16). If you are voting, you will have to cast a ballot at the polling station the riding where you live. For more information you can go to Elections Alberta website.

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