Los Amigos Already Preparing for 2019 Vehicle Donation

Lethbridge City Council has approved the donation of a pair of soon-to-be decommissioned Access-A-Ride buses to the local Los Amigos project.

Over the past eight years, the project has sent over 40 out-of-service emergency vehicles and handi-buses to communities in Mexico, which are in desperate need.
Karl Samuels, Coordinator of the Los Amigos Project with the Rotary Club of Lethbridge - Sunrise, says we have different regulations here in Canada when it comes to how long these vehicles can be in service. He notes that they are given a second life in Mexico, where regulations are less stringent.
A decommissioned fire truck from Olds and an ambulance from Pincher Creek will also be part of this fall's Los Amigos donation.
Karl Samuels: 

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