Lethbridge's Material Recovery Facility Officially Opens at Landfill

Waste and Recycling Centre Manager, Steve Rozee at the opening of the MRF

The MRF is up and running just ahead of the first curbside pick-up.

The City of Lethbridge officially opened its newly-built Materials Recovery Facility on Wednesday.
The MRF or "merf" as it's known, will sort and process items collected in the city's new curbside recycling program. The 45,000 square foot Materials Recovery Facility is located at the landfill and is capable of processing 8 tonnes of recyclable material per hour via hand-sorting and machinery. The items will then be baled and sold to companies that will use the material to make new products.
Deputy Mayor Blaine Hyggen says council is really proud to have the facility up and running, as it's been a long-time coming.
Students from Fleetwood Bawden Elementary School were on hand to start up the sorting machinery and officially begin the operations Wednesday.
The first pick-up of the blue recycling bins will start in some neighbourhoods next Tuesday, May 14th. If you're unsure of your first pick-up date, visit www.lethbridge.ca
Deputy Mayor Blaine Hyggen

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