Lethbridge's First Curbside Recycling Pick-Ups Start this Week

Pick-ups will be staggered so half of Lethbridge will have their recycling picked up this week while the other half will have garbage picked up.

Tuesday is the big day for curbside recycling in Lethbridge.
The first blue cart pick-ups will be taking place for neighbourhoods in various sections of north, south and west Lethbridge as it's a staggered system. Half the city will have their recycling picked-up this week while the other half will have garbage picked-up and next week it will switch.
Anyone who is unsure of their first pick-up date can refer to the information that came with their blue bin or check the City's Curbside Collection Map for a collection schedule.
Carts are due out by 7am on your regular collection day and must be spaced at least 1.5 metres away from other objects like your fence, garage, cars and other carts.

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