Lethbridge to Allow One Additional Purchase of Maximum Time at New Parking Kiosks

You will now be able to purchase up to a maximum of 2 or 3 hours, depending on the Zone, to enjoy your time in downtown Lethbridge.

Doesn't it just burn you, when you go for an appointment only to find it runs overtime and you end up with a parking ticket. Based on citizen feedback, Lethbridge Parking will be allowing patrons downtown to now purchase an additional maximum of 2 or 3 hours once per day, without having to move their vehicle. So that means you could stay to a maximum of either 4 hours in Zone 2 or 6 hours in Zone 3.

Downtown Revitalization Manager, Andrew Malcolm says allowing for longer time in those two zones would defeat the purpose of the new parking system. Malcolm adds that you will also soon see more clearly marked parking signage along with additional 10 hour stalls along 5th Avenue South and 2nd Avenue South, east of Galt Gardens. Painting of angle parking stalls is also taking place, however parallel stalls aren't painted as it allows for more vehicles to be squeezed in along a block.

Changes have also been made to the parking app to make it more user friendly. This includes increasing the width of zones on the map so it is easier to find and select a parking location. Adjustments to the on-street kiosks includes tweaks to the size and order of the instructions to help with clarity. 

Throughout the summer, Downtown BRZ ambassadors will continue to provide on-street support to help customers learn the new system.

.  -  Brian Treadwell


Andrew Malcolm:

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