Lethbridge Police Support New Provincial Pay-at-the-Pump Legislation

Lethbridge Police Chief Rob Davis

Lethbridge Police Chief Rob Davis says proposed legislation to better protect fuel and convenience store workers is "outstanding."

Lethbridge's Chief of Police is applauding provincial legislation tabled last week which would require drivers to pre-pay before filling up at gas stations. Chief Rob Davis says every single day in the City of Lethbridge there are between three and six cases of "gas and dashes" reported to LPS. He says the safety measures proposed in Bill 19 are "outstanding" and long overdue. Davis says it's sad that it's taken tragedies to get this legislation pushed forward and notes in this day and age there's no reason to not have pay-at-the-pump or pre-paying for fuel. The Chief notes this is all about community safety and hopefully once this becomes law, all future tragedies when it comes to gas and dash robberies will be averted. If passed, the mandatory pre-pay fuel legislation would take effect June 1st, 2018. - Tina Giesbrecht

Chief Rob Davis:

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