Lethbridge Police Roll Out New Policing Zones; Implement Own Your Zone Strategy

The map shows the new four policing zones around the City of Lethbridge

LPS Chief Rob Davis says the plan is having officers assigned to one of the zones for a period of two years which will help build relationships with people who live and work in those neighbourhoods.

The Lethbridge Police Service presenting its Culture, Strategy, and Operations plan to City Council this week. Chief Rob Davis says as of October, the LPS moved from six to four policing zones and notes the implementation of the "Own Your Zone" strategy will help officers become more familiar with the area they're assigned to. He says it's important police officers get to know their beat area well and learn and build relationships with people who live and work in each neighbourhood. Chief Davis says right now there are 15 officers per team and that'll increase to 18 in January and then re-evaluated after that. He notes it's all a work in progress. - Pat Siedlecki
Chief Rob Davis:
Lethbridge Police Own Your Zone Initiatives
* Four Patrol Zones
* Expectation is officer assigned will remain in that patrol zone for at least two years
* Accountability to stay in teh assigned zone
* Know the citizens, businesses, schools, parks, alley way, etc
* Liaise and support the Neighbourhood Associations and others that aim to support community safety
* A work in progress

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