Lethbridge Police Association Concerned Over Consultant's Report on Staffing Levels

The LPA says it's been asking for adequate staffing for front line policing in Lethbridge for well over a decade, something it says hasn't changed.

The Lethbridge Police Association (LPA) says it's confused and disappointed regarding recent comments made by LPS Chief Rob Davis. Association President Jay McMillan says they took Davis at his word when he suggested front line staff were the cornerstone of any good police service. The LPA is particularly concerned with a recent consultant's report calling for actual personnel to respond to calls for service in the City.  However,  McMillian points out there's been no change to the front line at all. He says they've been "profoundly concerned" about citizen's safety due to inadequate staffing levels for "many, many, years. McMillan says the Lethbridge Police Service has essentially gone from five teams working the street to four and he truly believes "the public deserves better." McMilan also says the LPA understands and appreciates that in lean times everyone must work together to achieve more efficient success, but he notes there is a process which must be followed to get that point and there has to be some accuracy. The Lethbridge Police Association represented 165 rank and file members. The LPA notes it's particularly concerned with the "possible misrepresentation" of that consultant's report on staffing needs. - Pat Siedlecki

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