Lethbridge Pays High Gas Prices As Do Retailers

A Lethbridge gas station with posted price of regular at $1.09.9 December 4, 2018

Retailers in Lethbridge are paying 97 cents a litre for product, add in overhead costs and customers are paying roughly 12 cents more at the pump.

With Gas prices running around the low 90 cent a litre range in Calgary, Lethbridge drivers are wondering why they are paying just under $1.10 for regular unleaded.

Gas Buddy Petroleum Analyst, Dan McTeague telling our radio station that feul at many retailers acts like a loss leader and they're recouping the money in other areas of their stores.

McTeague says it takes 6 to 8 cents a litre for the retailer to honour credit cards to pay for your overhead and then break even. McTeague adding that competitive pricing in Lethbridge could drop the price to as low as a $102.9 for regular unleaded but anything below that would be difficult for the retailer.  

A quick check around the area via www.gasbuddy.com and drivers in Medicine Hat are paying $102.9 for regular unleaded, in Taber $116.9 and just under 0.93 cents a litre in Calgary.

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