Lethbridge MP Calls Tax Hike on Small Businesses: The Liberal Vendetta

Rachael Harder says the latest announcement to hike small business taxes, "the Liberals have taken their economic illiteracy and cruel treatment of entrepreneurs to a whole new level."

Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder says she's heard from thousands of anxious community members about proposed federal tax changes. The Conservative Member of Parliament says she's hearing two main frustrations......that the tax changes will make it impossible to plan for succession and that they'll be taxed at an exorbitant rate on the money they invest into their businesses or put aside for emergencies or retirement. She says local businesses have told her they'll have to close up shop, while doctors say they'll move south. Harder is encouraging concerned residents to contact the Finance Minister directly to stop what she calls the "Liberal vendetta." - Tina Giesbrecht

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