Lethbridge Mayor Addresses 'Council Conduct' & Needle Debris Issues

Mayor Chris Spearman & Councillor Blaine Hyggen

Chris Spearman says business resolutions appearing on City Council agendas last minute, like the ones recently concerning drug needles, are "unfair" to Councilors.

Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman Wednesday (July 11) trying to clarify City Council conduct.

Spearman says official business resolutions recently brought forward at the last minute by Councillor Blaine Hyggen concerning drug needle debris are "unfair for members of Council to be blind sided".

He says there are reasons this issue was postponed this week. One being Councillors wanted to hear what the experts had to say at the community meeting held earlier this week at Lethbridge College and the other concerning a bylaw of this nature could subject the City to a court challenge.

Mayor Spearman Council members need to keep those two facts in mind that City Council would be going against evidence-based best practices that are supported by Health Canada and Alberta Health. He says Council has a procedural bylaw which outlines setting the agenda.

Councillor Hyggen says he'd like to see the city stop the distribution of drug needles from the Safe Consumption Site. He tells CJOC it's never been tried and may not even work, "but if we don't try then we won't know". Hyggen says he's received numerous emails from residents supporting his resolution.

Hyggen's resolution will now be dealt with at the next City Council meeting July 23rd. - Pat Siedlecki

Mayor Spearman:

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