Lethbridge Judge Rules on Admissibility of Evidence in Attempted Murder Trial

A provincial court judge has ruled some parts of victim and witness statements can be used as evidence in a Lethbridge trial of a man accused of attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault.

A provincial court judge has finally ruled on the admissibility of evidence in a trial for a Lethbridge man charged with attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault. Back in May 2015, a south side apartment (on Palm Road South) was broken into and a woman living there was sexually assaulted. Lethbridge Police said the woman (45 years old) was then dragged outside where the assault continued and her throat was cut with a knife. The victim survived, however she died a few months later from causes unrelated to the assault and a witness, who also gave a statement, has died as well since providing information to police. Judge Greg Maxwell gave his decision Wednesday (Nov. 15) as to whether those statements should be allowed in the trial itself. Maxwell has ruled certain parts of what both the victim and witness told police should be allowed as evidence. The case has now been adjourned to Wednesday, November 22 in order to set a date to continue the trial. The Crown has indicated it has no other evidence to present. The suspect can not be named as he was 17 year old at the time the assault took place. - Pat Siedlecki

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