Lethbridge Herald to Stop Printing Sunday Newspaper

Starting in the New Year, the Lethbridge Herald will no longer be a daily paper, deciding to no longer print a Sunday edition.

First the first time in 26 years, the Lethbridge Herald will no longer be printing a Sunday newspaper, moving back to a six-day-a-week publication.

Publisher Brian Hancock says it's something they've been considering for a while now and with increasing costs, he notes it was time to make a change. He says every time they've raised rates in the past, the feedback is why not just get rid of the Sunday paper?

Hancock says the change to no Sunday papers will start in January. The Herald started publishing a Sunday edition back in 1992. Hancock they would've had to raise subscription rates by 10-15% just in order to cover costs to keep the Sunday paper. He notes, that just doesn't make sense.

Brian Hancock: 

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