Lethbridge Group Hears About Potential Backyard Hen Pilot Project

Kelti Baird says all hens would be licensed and coops would regulated and inspected. No Roosters would be allowed

Kelti Baird telling the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs, the time is right for Lethbridge to allow residents to keep up to four hens in their backyard.

A self-proclaimed "urban Chicken enthusiast" engaging members at last week's meeting of the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs.

Kelti Baird is behind a movement to allow up to four chicken to be kept in Lethbridge backyards.

Baird says urban hens are a polarizing issue, however the noise level is no worse than talking to someone in your back yard. Baird says if approved, she would like to see a backyard hen program here very similar to the one operating in Red Deer.

Lethbridge City Council is expected to hand down a decision about an urban chicken pilot program in March.

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