Lethbridge Gas Prices Spike to Just Under $1.32 a Litre

Some sticker shock at the gas pumps across southern Alberta Friday.

A huge jump in gasoline prices around Lethbridge. Some stations are selling regular unleaded today for just under a $1.32 Friday (Apr. 13). That's an increase of more than 10 cents in just 24 hours. Several gas stations around Lethbridge are still selling fuel for around a $1.22 so you'll have to shop around.  Gasbuddy's Dan McTeague says part of the reason for the jump is refineries changing from winter to summer processing. Around southern Alberta Friday there was a wide range of prices.  Medicine Hat is averaging around the $1.20 per litre mark while many Calgary stations are close to the $1.30 per litre range. McTeague says he doesn't expect to see any significant drops in prices this summer. - Pat Siedlecki

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