Lethbridge Fire Department Providing Practical Safety Tips for Christmas Trees, Decorations

December is one of the busier months for fire departments with the Christmas season now here.

The Lethbridge Fire Department providing some practical safety tips as we get ready for the Christmas holidays. Fire Prevention Officer, Troy Hicks, says when it comes to real Christmas trees it's important to keep it healthy to prevent any chance of fires. He recommends watering it every day, and keeping it at least one metre away from any heat source like a fireplace, space heater or candles. Hicks also advises people to use proper power bars when plugging in decorations and to make sure all electrical wiring is in good shape. Hicks says December and over the holidays are usually a busier time of year for firefighters, however he says over the years people seem to be getting the message when it comes to fire safety. -Pat Siedlecki

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