Lethbridge College Poll: Growing Support For City-Wide Curbside Recycling

A recent poll shows nearly 70% of Lethbridge residents now support curbside recycling as the service prepares to be rolled out city-wide May 14th.

With the city-wide roll out of curbside recycling starting May 14th, it appears more and more Lethbridge residents are in support of the new service.

A survey conducted by the Citizens Society Research Lab at Lethbridge College indicates 7 out of every 10 residents (68.7%) want the blue carts. That's a stark change in opinion from four years ago when support for the program was down at around 32%.

Only 21% of respondents to this latest poll said they are strongly opposed to curbside recycling, down substantially from 45% when asked about the topic four years ago. Just over 880 adult Lethbridge residents were polled by phone across all areas of the city back in February.

The City of Lethbridge will be delivering the blue carts to households between April 15th and May 10th.

You can see the full report here: 2019 Curbside Recycling Poll

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