Lethbridge Christmas Food & Toy Hamper Campaign Kicks Off

For an 11th straight year, the Salvation Army as well as the Lethbridge and Interfaith Food Banks are joining forces to collect food and toys for Christmas.

The Interfaith and Lethrbidge Food Banks are partnering again with the Salvation Army to ensure the less-fortunate get everything they need for Christmas. Those three organizations will be working together to serve over 1800 households this Christmas season and estimate they'll be helping around 2300 adults and 2000 kids. Danielle McIntyre with the Interfaith Food Bak says they need to fill plenty of food hampers with non-perishable items as well turkey, ham, and chicken. The Salvation Army meanwhile will be collecting toys for all those children. Registration started November 1st and will follow the same process as regular monthly registrations. You can get more information about donating food and toys by visiting the website: Christmas Hope. - Pat Siedlecki

Danielle McIntyre:

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