Lethbridge Charity Benefiting From Home Depot

Jeff Hansen, Manager of Woods Homes, Lethbridge

Customers with only a Twoonie can support the Orange Door Campaign through December 16 at Home Depot.

Christmas is the time for giving and a local charity that helps at risk youth is seeking your support.

For the second year in a row, Woods Homes will be benefiting from the fundraising efforts of Lethbridge's Home Depot.

The program runs until December 16th, with all donations helping Woods Homes to continue to provide support to homeless and at-risk of homelessness youth at the shelter in downtown Lethbridge. Program Manager, Jeff Hansen says corporately Home Depot's mandate of helping youth falls in line with the mission of Woods Homes.

Program Manager, Jeff Hansen says the Orange Door Campaign a three week initiative that sees members of his management team show up at Home Depot to meet with the public.

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