Lethbridge Birdwatchers Taking Part in 119th Annual Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count in Lethbridge this year will take place December 16th.

Birdwatchers are coming together in Lethbridge later this month for the 119th annual Christmas Bird Count.

For a three week period starting in mid-December, tens of thousands of bird and winter enthusiasts take part in the long-running wildlife survey.

In Lethbridge, the Christmas Bird Count will take place on December 16th. Data collected during the Lethbridge count will include details on birds of each species seen or heard within a 24 kilometre area.

Liz Purves, Bird Studies Canada’s Christmas Bird Count Coordinator, says "whether you participate for bird conservation, for some friendly birding competition, or for an excuse to get outside in the winter, your efforts are meaningful for birds.” The skills and dedication of thousands of volunteer Citizen Scientists harnessed during the Christmas Bird Count achieve incredible results that professional scientists and wildlife biologists could never accomplish alone.

Last year just in Canada alone, over 2.8 million birds, from 287 species, were counted from coast-to-coast.

Other Bird Counts in Southern Alberta:

* Waterton - December 15, 2018 - Contact: Dianne Pachal 403-859-5133
* Crowsnest Pass - January 2, 2019, contact Merilyn Liddell, birds@crowsnestconservation.ca
* Milk River - January 5, 2019 - contact: Ken Orich 403-381-2351

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