Lethbridge & Other Southern Alberta Communities Set New Cold Records

Lethbridge had the coldest New Year's Eve in 131 years of keeping weather records, with the mercury dipping to -38.5 C.

Lethbridge and a few other towns in southern Alberta set new low temperature records on New Year's Eve, breaking records that lasted for decades. In Lethbridge, the mercury dropped to -38.5 C, making it the coldest December 31st ever in the city. The old record was 36.4 C set on New Year's Eve in 1992. A new low temperature record was set in Lethbridge on New Year's Day as well. The temperature dropped to -37.8 C in Lethbridge, beating the old mark of -36.1 C set back on January 1st, 1950. Record keeping goes back to 1886. Other communities in the region setting new cold records for December 31st include Pincher Creek (-38.0 C), Brooks (-40.5 C), and Claresholm (-41.8 C). On January 1st, new records were set in Claresholm (-38.0 C), Brooks (-39.4 C), and Vauxhall (-39.8 C). Chinook conditions are forecast to move into southern Alberta this week, bringing much warmer weather and likely a few days of plus temperatures and melting snow. - Pat Siedlecki

December 31, 2017 Cold Records

Pincher Creek -38.0
Old Record -36.1 set in 1927

Lethbridge -38.5
Old Record -36.4 set in 1992

Brooks -40.5
Old Record -40.0 set in 1964

Claresholm -41.8
Old Record -35.6 set in 1964

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