Jason Kenney Elected Leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party

Photo Courtesy of the United Conservative Party

Jason Kenney has been elected leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party with 61% of the vote.

Jason Kenney has been elected leader of Alberta's new United Conservative Party.  Party members voted over a three day period and results were announced Saturday evening. Kenney, the former leader of the Progressive Conservative legacy party, won 61% of the votes, while Brian Jean, former leader of the Wildrose legacy party, garnered 31%. Calgary lawyer, Doug Schweitzer got about 7% of the votes.  Of the UCP's 106,000 members, 63,000 registered to vote and nearly 94% of them cast a ballot online or by phone between October 26th and 28th.  In a release, the UCP says "with this historic milestone now completed, the UCP will focus on other phases of building the party, the second largest by number in the country. Coming soon will be a policy development process and a founding Annual General Meeting and Convention. The establishment of UCP constituency associations continues across the province." On Sunday afternoon, ahead of Kenney's first press conference as leader, Calgary-Lougheed MLA Dave Rodney announced he will be stepping down effective November 1st so Kenney can run in a by-election.  -Tina Giesbrecht

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