Heat Warnings Again For Southern Alberta; Risk of Severe Thunderstorms

Hot conditions pushing up from Montana are flooding into southern Alberta again, prompting Heat Warnings with temperatures expected in the 30's.

A period of very warm summer weather across southern Alberta with heat warnings back again for this region.

Daytime highs with the humidity factored in are forecast in the low 30's, however Environment Canada's Brian Proctor says a strong cold front moving through Friday could trigger off some bad weather. He says the heat, coupled with humidity and a cold front are a recipe for strong storms. He says where those thunderstorms could pop up Friday (July 13) is still hard to say.

That cold front will drop the temperature significantly for Saturday, however that'll be short lived. Proctor says things will start heating up again by Sunday and by Monday next week, another stretch of hot weather at or about 30 C expected. He notes if the Heat Warnings get dropped on the weekend, they'll likely get reissued before next week.

Proctor says portions of southern Alberta have already seen some fairly hot weather this summer, noting we are the envy of the province when it comes to heat so far. - Pat Siedlecki

Brian Proctor:

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