Environment Lethbridge Launching City's First Green Challenge

Environment Lethbridge is encouraging residents to "go green in 2018" by completing five simple actions in 30 days.

Environment Lethbridge is challenging residents to reduce their environmental footprint this year. The organization is launching the city's first "Green Challenge" later this month by asking participants to complete five simple tasks, between January 15th and February 15th, that help the environment. Executive Director, Kathleen Sheppard, says "going green in 2018" is a great New Year's resolution, adding there are a number of great ideas that are also fairly simple to do. Some of those include using reusable shopping bags, taking shorter showers, unplugging electrical devices, eliminating vehicle idling and eating less meat. Interested residents are encouraged to sign up for the challenge on Environment Lethbridge's website. -Tina Giesbrecht
Kathleen Sheppard

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