Environment Lethbridge Launches Website to Tackle Ongoing Waste Problem

Environment Lethbridge Executive Director, Kathleen Sheppard says Lethbridge is one of the most wasteful cities in Canada.

Environment Lethbridge has developed an innovative new online platform called WasteLESS (www.wasteless.ca) to try and combat what it says is an ongoing waste problem in the city. Working with local community partners to address the issue, this interactive and educational narrative experience explores how our waste piles up and makes the case for waste reduction in Lethbridge.  About 110,000 tonnes of waste in Lethbridge is sent to the landfill each year.  For the 94,000 citizens of the city, that means there is 1170 kg (2,575 lbs) of garbage disposed per person each year or 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs) of garbage per person each day. Lethbridge citizens throw away about fifteen times our body weight in garbage each year. Putting large amounts of waste into a landfill is an unsustainable approach to the use of resources and poses risks to air and water quality. Only about 25% of what residents of Lethbridge throw away in their home, at work and at play is really waste, the rest is simply a waste of resources. Executive Director Kathleen Sheppard says Environment Lethbridge is encouraging residents to do their part in tackling this waste problem. She says a few reasons why Lethbridge has so much waste is because we are somewhat of an industrial centre here and the other is because there is no curbside recycling. - Pat Siedlecki

Kathleen Sheppard: 

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