El Nino Conditions Forecast to Bring Mild, Dry Winter For Southern Alberta

Below normal snowfall and warmer-than-normal temperatures are expected through December, January, and February across much of western Canada, including southern Alberta.

Don't expected to be using your snow shovels a whole heck of a lot this winter.

The Weather Network releasing its Winter Outlook.

A developing El Nino in the Pacific is more than likely going to result in a much warmer-than-normal winter across southern Alberta. That will result in below average snowfall as well in this region.

That'll be a welcome change from what was a hellish winter here last year.

The mild winter is forecast from western Saskatchewan through to Vancouver Island, however out east a much different story is expected with snow and cold conditions from Ontario to the Maritimes.

Regarding the El Nino, Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network says, "for the western prairies, this means the abnormally cold fall has not been a sign of things to come. However, from Ontario to Atlantic Canada we are seeing a snowy sneak preview of what will become the dominant pattern for winter."

The Prairies

The Prairies will be a battle zone between the mild Pacific air to the west and arctic air to the east. This will result in a changeable winter with back and forth swings in temperature, which are expected to tip to the mild side of normal across Alberta and into western Saskatchewan. However, these temperature swings should come close to offsetting each other across the eastern Prairies. While the final numbers are predicted to be near "normal" across Manitoba, the winter will feel anything but "normal". Extended periods of harsh winter weather are expected, along with periods of mild weather. Most of the region is expected to see near normal or below normal snowfall with lower than typical concerns for spring flooding.

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