E.D.L. Launches New Lethbridge Marketing Initiative

E.D.L. announcing new marketing plan at Galt Gardens Tuesday

Economic Development Lethbridge is launching a major marketing campaign.

A new marketing campaign promoting Lethbridge is being launched in Alberta's two biggest cities.  "Mind Blowing Facts" about the city will be published in a number of magazines throughout the province as well as displayed on billboards in Edmonton and Calgary. C.E.O. Cheryl Dick, says the campaign will promote the many opportunities Lethbridge has to offer.  She says this is to create awareness that Lethbridge is a good place to do business, a great place to attend post-secondary studies, and just an overall good quality of life and work that you can find in Lethbridge. There will also be advertisements on the backs of some Calgary Transit Buses talking about how quickly you can get home in Lethbridge.  To see some of the mind blowing facts about Lethbridge, visit: www.mindblowingfacts.ca 

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