Dry9 Movement Celebrates One Year of Supporting Alcohol-Free Pregnancies

The inaugural year saw over 1,150 women commit to not consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

December 5, marks the first anniversary of Dry9. The movement is designed to lead women across Alberta to stay alcohol-free during pregnancy.

New this year, supporters of Dry9 are being encouraged to share their success stories and ideas for staying alcohol-free during pregnancy through AGLC’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels.

Additionally, a new Facebook group launched recently, allows the more than 1,150 women throughout 131 Alberta communities, to connect with each other. In addition, supporters including husbands, partners, family members and friends can now sign up for Dry9 to lend their encouragement to the pregnant women in their lives. 

Dry9 represents AGLC’s ongoing commitment to educate and raise awareness on responsible liquor consumption for adult Albertans.

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