Drug Treatment Options Opening Soon on Blood Reserve

The Alberta government made the announcement Thursday. Renovations are underway with plans to open the new facility in early 2019.

A new safe withdrawal management site will provide substance use treatment services for people on the Blood Reserve.

Blood Tribe paramedics will now be able to give patients who have overdosed the option of going to the safe withdrawal management site to receive health assessment, interventions, and access to local resources and programs. Patients will then have the option of attending the Kainai Transition Society to support recovery and transition back into the community.

The Alberta government is providing $2.2 million over two years for start-up and operational costs for the new program.

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman says the Blood Tribe has developed a community-based solution to help ease the current overdose crisis. “Our government is proud to provide funding for this new program. We will continue to work with the Blood Tribe to ensure they have the support they need to provide treatment and care for people affected by substance use.”

The safe withdrawal management site was proposed by the Blood Tribe community and includes:

  • 24-hour clinical care;
  • a six-bed safe withdrawal management program with medical support from paramedics and local physicians;
  • treatment options to support recovery; and  
  • an option to move to the Kainai Transition Centre Society within 10 to 14 days to support recovery and transition back to the community.

Renovations to get the new site ready are underway, with a goal of opening in early 2019.

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