Drivers Warned to Watch For Snow Plows on Alberta Highways

Photo credit to Volker-Stevin

A number of highway collisions between vehicles and snow plows, including two recently in the Lethbridge area, has operators asking drivers to slow down and give them space to work.

A warning for drivers to stay alert for highway snow plows. So far this winter, there've been over 20 collisions with snow plows on Alberta highways and a number of near misses according to maintenance contractors. Paul Cashman with the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association says there have been two crashes involving snow plows in the Lethbridge area in the past two days alone, one on Highway 3 and another on Highway 4. He notes colliding with a snow plow can have tragic consequences and almost always results in significant damage to vehicles. Snow plow operators are asking drivers to slow down and allow space for them to do their jobs. Snowplows can be travelling as slowly as 30 km/h while blading snow, and applying sand and salt, so drivers should be especially aware of the potential for rear-end collisions. - Pat Siedlecki

Paul Cashman:

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