Dog Killed by Coyote in Coaldale; Residents Urged to be Cautious

The Town of Coaldale issuing a warning after recent coyote sightings and a resident's dog was attacked and killed.

Coaldale's Deputy Fire Chief, Clayton Rutberg, says a family was out walking its small dog off leash earlier this week when it was attacked. Rutberg notes that the incident was reported to Fish and Wildlife, but they won't be taking any further action since the coyote wasn't particularly aggressive.
The Town says coyotes have also recently been seen near the Kin Shelter and to the northwest of the Birds of Prey Centre. According to Rutberg, those areas are close their natural habitat, and they're more drawn there since people and other animals are present.
Residents are advised to supervise pets when they're outside, keep dogs on a leash and pick up their feces so coyotes aren't attracted to the scent. If you run in to a coyote, stand tall, make eye contact and shout.
Sightings and attacks can be reported to the Coaldale bylaw line or the Report A Poacher hotline.

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