Convicted Sexual Offender from Coaldale Deals With Two Court Matters

Trevor Pritchard, 34

A Coaldale man has received his fourth and fifth convictions for sexual offences against minors.

Trevor Pritchard, 34, was in Lethbridge Court of Queen’s Bench to deal with two matters on Wednesday (Feb. 6). 

The first had to do with a verdict from January 16, where Pritchard was found guilty of sexual assault, child luring and possessing child pornography. One teenage girl testified during a trial in November that Pritchard asked her for nude photos over Facebook, while another young girl testified that she had a sexual relationship with him multiple times.

Justice Johnna Kubik granted a 60 day forensic assessment on Wednesday (Feb. 6) in relation to that conviction, at the request of Special Prosecutor, Donna Spaner, which will determine Pritchard’s risk to reoffend. He will be admitted to the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Centre immediately to begin that assessment.

The assessment report is expected to be presented to Justice Kubik on June 10. At that time, the Crown may also decide to apply for consent from Alberta’s Attorney General to have Pritchard designated as a long term offender or as a dangerous offender, which could come with an indeterminate sentence.

The second matter had to do with a guilty plea from April 9. Pritchard admitted at that time that he had been talking to a teenage girl online for more than a year. The 15-year old victim thought he was taking her to a job interview when he instead forced her into sexual contact.

Pritchard applied in September to withdraw the plea, but abandoned that application on Wednesday (Feb. 6). The Crown and his defence lawyer, Andre Ouellette, then agreed to proceed with a regular sentencing in front of Justice Rodney Jerke.

The victim in the case provided a statement to the court, which she was too emotional to read aloud herself, which said that she “cannot live a normal life” and still feels a great deal of physical pain following the sexual attack. 

Justice Jerke handed Pritchard a sentence of six and a half years in prison for sexual assault and child luring offences. With credit for the more than two years he’s already spent in custody, Pritchard will have just over three years left to serve. He will also be banned from using social media or searching for illegal content from the internet for the next 20 years, he cannot contact the victim and he will be placed on the Sex Offender Information Registry.

Pritchard has three previous convictions for sexual assault against minors, dating back to 2004, 2009 and 2010.

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