Controversial Professor 'Retires" From University of Lethbridge

Dr. Anthony Hall

Dr. Anthony, who was accused of having anti-semitic views, will not be teaching at the U of L this fall.

The University of Lethbridge confirming that a controversial professor will not be teaching again at the post-secondary school.

A statement reads "Dr. Anthony Hall will be retiring from the U of L in the fall of 2018 and therefore will not be teaching any classes during the upcoming academic semester. As this is a human resources matter, no additional comments will be provided".

Though having been reinstated, Professor Hall was suspended in October 2016 pending the outcome of an internal investigation into possible violations of the Human Rights Act. He had been accused of holding anti-semitic views.

The University of Lethbridge also filed a complaint against Hall with the Alberta Human Rights Commission early last year.

- Brian Treadwell

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