City of Lethbridge Snow Clearing Crews Ready For Change to Winter Weather

Crews have been busy stockpiling sand and salt with much colder temperatures and snow in the forecast, conditions which could last at least two weeks.

The City of Lethbridge is gearing up for some serious winter weather in the forecast this week. Snow and ice control operations this season will include a more comprehensive use of anti-icing material before snow even starts, the focus will be on busy roadways that have uphill and downhill sections. Transportation Operations Manager Lee Perkins says the City has plenty of technology to effectively monitor winter conditions and deploy resources as necessary. During snow events initial sanding, salting, and snow clearing efforts will focus on the busiest arterial roads throughout the city, which the City identifies as Priority 1 routes. These include: Whoop-Up Drive, Métis Trail, University Drive, Bridge Drive, Mayor Magrath Drive, Scenic Drive, 26 Avenue North, 28 Street North, 1 Avenue South west of Scenic Drive, and 5 Avenue North (from Hwy 3 to Stafford Drive). Priority 1 routes are determined based on traffic volume and road incline. Motorists are reminded to adjust their driving for winter road conditions and watch for speed limit changes on Whoop-Up Drive. Perkins cautions drivers to be extra cautious when snow crews are out working. More information on the City’s Snow and Ice Control program is available here: Lethbridge Winter Roads - Pat Siedlecki & Sam Borsato

Lee Perkins:

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