Chamber Passes Resolution for Poppy Production

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has passed a Lethbridge resolution to support commercial poppy production.

It could be an important step forward when it comes to commercial poppy production in southern Alberta. The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce recently presented a resolution to the Canadian Chamber's Annual General Meeting, asking the federal government to facilitate the new pharmaceutical industry. Managing Director of Lethbridge-based API Labs, Glen Metzler, says the resolution was well received and could help with federal government licensing. Metzler says commercial poppy production is thriving in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, adding Canada is the only G8 country without any involvement in the poppy production process. He adds in 2008, Canadians purchased over $500-million worth of prescription medications derived from poppies.  Metzler says the climate in southern Alberta could be ideal for growing poppy crops and wants to get a test crop in the ground as soon as possible.

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